Dr. Ellen Kahn, ND, PhD.

Optimal Health Starts Here & Now

Men, women and children, if your stomach is bothering you or you have problems such as hormonal issues, acute stomach pain, ADD, ADHD, auto immune issues, arthritis and so on, relief may be closer than you think.

My name is Dr. Ellen Kahn and I'm a Naturopathic physician practicing in the West Bloomfield area for 23 years. My specialty is the Gastrointestinal tract and the reality is most all of the symptoms mentioned above begin in this area.

Many of my clients have been everywhere for help and know that they can be feeling better. But for whatever reason, other methods or advice have not worked and they can't find any relief, so they come to me.

Some people see me just to maintain optimal health, or for help with their supplementation regimen to keep themselves feeling good.

Whatever your condition, I welcome your call. Talk to me about your symptoms so we can find out how to help you feel better now.

Call me today at 248-737-8780.